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01 Jul 2022

Meet seven incredible estheticians from across the US and Canada, here to broaden your skincare POV.

You already know that Youth To The People is a brand built on three generations of skincare expertise—now, we’re taking those 40 years of knowledge and introducing Pros To The People, a program that allows us to work with a group of seven incredible licensed estheticians who’ll be a resource for our community. (So much more from them, soon, so watch this space!)

Over the next year, you’ll meet Despina Daniilidis, Terrell Britten, Lesly Mariscal, Kahina Jean-Baptiste, Scout Garbaczewski, Annie Lam, and Tyler Hysko, who live all across the US and Canada, and learn about their businesses and points of view, and get access to their expert skin advice.

“Pros To The People connects our past, present, and future, and what we stand for today,” says Joe Cloyes, YTTP co-founder. “Our skin knowledge runs deep, and we love bringing together professionals that have the same passion to make their clients’ skin look and feel amazing. This program will not only offer a platform to celebrate and support the estheticians’ exceptional talent but share their knowledge through a wider audience.” AKA: YOU.

“The program is so close to our hearts,” says Greg Gonzalez, co-founder of YTTP. “Joe and I grew up around estheticians and learned all our skin knowledge from the experts. Bringing together the Pros is a natural community for YTTP to support and celebrate our shared passion: great skin.” 

Heading up the program is a member of the YTTP team who’s an esthetician herself:

“I was truly honored to be tapped to head up this program,” says Jessie Giammalva, Assistant Social Media Manager at YTTP. “As a licensed esthetician myself, I was first drawn to work for the brand after hearing about the family history. Working for a skincare brand that is backed with the knowledge and experience our founders grew up with is a dream come true. After a long application process, I am beyond thrilled with the group of talented estheticians that we selected to educate our community. I can't wait for the world to meet the PROS TO THE PEOPLE!"

These seven are incredible, and they’re only the beginning.

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