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How to Protect Your Eyes from Environmental Damage

09 Sep 2020

From old wives’ tales on how to get rid of under-eye bags and irksome dark circles to misconceptions about why, when, and if at all we need to be using an eye cream [editor’s note: this is when], there’s a plethora of inaccurate factoids out there. But when it comes to determining how to protect your eyes from environmental damage, we know to turn to the experts, one of them being Laura Cline, Youth To The People’s Director of Education. 

Due to thinner skin density, the eye area can show signs of agingand both external and internal stressmore quickly than other areas of the face and body,” she says.

Using different weights of paper as a metaphor, she explains the unique issues the skin around our peepers pose: “If you were to think of the skin on your body as cardboard, then the skin found on your face would be like printer paper in comparison, and the skin within and surrounding the orbital bone of your eye could be compared to tissue.” So, just like you wouldn’t slather body lotion on your face, if you’ve been using face cream around your eyesplease, stop doing so immediately. 

It’s not that your daily moisturizer will harm your eyes, per se, but it won’t be able to provide the same benefits that a cream formulated solely for that region can, or be able to deliver the long term targeted help that your eyes deserve. Not to push undue fears, but along with generalized aging, the eyes specifically are at high risk of environmental damage due to their delicate nature. That includes “prolonged and unprotected exposure to the sun, to pollution, and even from the blue light you’re exposed to from your mobile devices, computers, televisions, and overhead lighting,” says Cline.

Still, there’s hope, even if you’ve never used an eye cream before. 

“The general rule in skincare is better late than never,” says Cline, although ideally it’s always best practice to adopt preventative measures prior to visible signs of stress and aging. “Not only do we find that you use your eye cream more habitually the earlier you get into the habit, but anecdotal feedback suggests that you’ll enjoy the ritual of using it more as well.”

Wherever you’re at in your journey, (but particularly if you’re concerned about the ill-effects of too much screen time), you’ll want to opt for an eye cream formula that’s supercharged with antioxidants and vitamin C. Youth To The People’s brand-new Superberry Dream Eye Cream is a great place to start. Formulated with goji stem cell, plant-based ceramides, vegan hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C in the form of THD Ascorbate (that’s a special fat-soluble form of vitamin C, and the most stable one you can find), it’s different from other formulas because it actually fends off external oxidative damage to the eye area and replenishes essential moisture to the skin barrier—all while you sleep.

Other notable results from the potent and non-irritating Dream Eye Cream include visible smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles, visibly firmer, more supple skin around the eye area, and an immediate (and noticeable) boost in hydration. And, just like with any powerhouse formula, you’d be remiss not to enshrine its glow-y results during your waking hours with the appropriate level of UV protection. If you need a refresher on what exactly that looks like, just check out our story here.

Written for Youth To The People by Elsa de Berker.

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