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How to Know If the Unity Exfoliant Is For You

02 Sep 2021

It’s true—skincare isn’t one size fits all. But with the new Mandelic Acid + Superfood Unity Exfoliant, it gets pretty close. The Unity Exfoliant was designed and formulated for all: all skin types and all skin tones. Youth To The People’s Director of Education Laura Cline says that it can be especially beneficial for skin goals like hyperpigmentation or skin congestion, and the Unity Exfoliant’s hyper-gentle, multi-purpose approach is what makes it perfect for daily pore maintenance and overall skin health. 

The Unity Exfoliant offers powerful exfoliation without any of the over-stripping that some chemical exfoliants are notorious for. With its water-like texture, the exfoliant absorbs readily without any tacky feeling—and most importantly, without any burning sensations. Immediately, the skin’s texture will feel smoother, the barrier will feel stronger, and the skin itself more moisturized, thanks to instant hydrating ingredients like glucosamine and the PHA gluconolactone. Learn more about PHAs here.

“I would say this is a product that you need to use consistently,” Cline says. “You do absolutely feel comfortable and see results right away, but because it's directly impacting your cell turnover cycle, which is a daily process, by using this consistently throughout the week you're going to see results even after a week's time, two weeks time, three, four, so on. It’ll just be better and better results because it's helping with your skin's regular cell turnover.”

The Mandelic Acid + Superfood Unity Exfoliant is a “flexfoliant,” a cute term for a seriously efficient product. 

“It's flexible in how you use it and who can use it,” shares Cline. “You can use it every day if you wanted to, you could use it morning or night if you wanted to. You can incorporate it with other exfoliating products in a routine—there's room for more than one, if you wanted to. It's appropriate for all skin types.” And because Unity is the solution for all, frequency of use is the only variation, considering no other strong exfoliants are in one’s routine.

So what does it mean, then, that the Unity Exfoliant is for all? Who, exactly?

“[That could be] someone who’s concerned with sebaceous filaments,” Cline explains. “Someone who feels like they have a rougher texture. Someone who wants help with evening out tone, especially tone from post-acne marks, someone who is breakout-prone, [or] someone who likes having a regular exfoliant in their routine!” 

According to Cline, people with dry skin and smaller pores would want to use the exfoliant every other day, or as few as one to two times per week. Folks with combination skin, oily skin, or blemish-prone skin would benefit more from frequent usage, like once daily. Dry skin types can spot treat the exfoliant to target areas with more buildup or congestion. The exfoliant is safe to use nighttime or daytime, but should be worn with SPF if used during the day. 

“You want to use it,” Cline adds. “It feels good, it smells good, your skin feels softer… You don't really realize all of the things that it's doing, because you don't get that burning sensation [exfoliants are known for], but it's doing so much.” All of the acids—none of the irritation.

Written by Kaitlyn McNab for Youth To The People

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