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How To Hack the Superfood Cleanser, Makeup Edition

03 Aug 2021

One of the features most sought out in quality makeup is long-lasting durability. When the time comes to wash it off, however, “long-lasting” can take on a dreadful new meaning. But it doesn’t have to! We tapped Janine James, Regional Education + Sales Executive for Youth To The People, to share her favorite cleansing hacks using the Superfood Cleanser to remove all things makeup—and from more than just the face. 


“I love the Superfood Cleanser because it’s the most gentle yet effective way to remove my makeup, especially for my sensitive eyes and reactive skin,” says James. “When I’m ready to remove my makeup, I first use one to two pumps of cleanser on damp skin—not super wet, just slightly damp—and I use my hands to massage the cleanser into my skin for about a minute to really break down the makeup and oils, then rinse. Next, I go in with one pump of cleanser with my Foreo tool and repeat the process. If it’s a no makeup day, I simply use one pump of cleanser and massage [it into the skin] with my hands for about 30 seconds and rinse. No trace of makeup!” 

A popular K-beauty method of makeup removal that has been praised for its efficacy is pre-cleansing or double cleansing, which is an additional step that happens before the traditional lather-and-rinse, usually with an oil-based cleanser, balm, or micellar water. The pre-cleanse is meant to gently remove makeup and break down sebum before using a regular cleanser, so that there are less layers of daily debris to work through and the skin can be washed more thoroughly.  

According to James, Superfood Cleanser is up to the task: “If you use the Superfood Cleanser on damp skin and massage it for about a minute, it will break down makeup, dirt, oil, and grime.”


Thanks to the powerful formulation of cold-pressed antioxidants—kale, spinach, and green tea—makeup is no worthy adversary for the Superfood Cleanser. The sulfate-free gel formula is what makes the cleanser a gentle one that doesn’t leave that dry or tight feeling on the skin or makeup tools like brushes and sponges. 

“No more baby shampoo for me,” says James. “I first wet my brushes and sponges then using my hands I gently press and squeeze one to two pumps of cleanser into the tools under running water until the water runs clear. I [then] lay my brushes and sponges flat on a towel to dry. They are super soft the next day, and I love having peace of mind knowing that the ingredients I used to clean them will not cause me to break out.”


For those with delicate eye areas, removing pesky eye makeup can be an irritating process—literally. James, who has sensitive eyes, swears by the Superfood Cleanser for stubborn mascara removal. 

“The formula is so gentle that I can really get in there with my eyes closed and remove all traces of mascara without the worry of stinging my super sensitive eyes, or getting that annoying cloudy effect when using oily makeup removers,” James shares. “The Superfood Cleanser is the perfect balance of safe and gentle, yet powerful and effective. And that’s perfect for me!”

Written by Kaitlyn McNab for Youth To The People

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