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Here’s the Right Way to Apply Eye Cream

01 Sep 2020

My family laughs a lot; we’re very expressive. Genetics will typically tell you something about how you’ll age, and I always knew that having lines around the eyes runs in my family. Still, when I got my first cosmetics job back in 2005, I learned that eye cream is every bit as important as a face moisturizer—it should never be skipped out on. I’ve used eye cream every morning and night since. It became a habit, and I’m so grateful for it as a preventative step in my routine. Adding it to a routine is one thing—applying eye cream the right way is another.

My favorite way to apply eye cream is to start in the center of my face with my ring finger and gently massage the product in a circle around my eye, using my orbital bone as a guide. Because the skin under our eyes is thin and susceptible to damage, the number one thing to do is to be gentle! 

You don’t need a ton of product, either. With your ring finger, pat the top of the goop in the jar and rub your ring fingers together—you’re good to go. Between the heat of your fingers and the heat of your skin, your eye cream will really absorb well. If you have any goop left over on your fingers afterward, dab it on your lips for a bit of extra moisture.

As far as order goes, apply eye cream after your moisturizer but before your SPF, and always make sure your fingers are clean! You might not think of it, but if you’re using a product that might be irritating to the eye area—like an exfoliating serum, for example—rinse your hands before applying your eye cream.

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Using eye cream is like jumping a car battery; it’s easier to keep it going than it is to let it stop and restart it later. If you can start using it as a preventative measure—even though it can be hard to stay motivated when you don’t see immediate results—it really does work as an effective tool. Eye cream is a long game!

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