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Gun Control IS the Answer

24 Mar 2021

Monday’s atrocious shooting in Colorado is a tragedy that could have been prevented. Gun violence impacts millions of people every year in our country, and gun control IS the answer to protecting lives and the people most at risk for intimate partner violence and gun violence.

We are donating $50,000 to Everytown in support of gun safety in America, and through our To The Future Fund we will continue to support organizations taking action to build a safe and equitable future for all women, school children, and communities. 

Our thoughts and our hearts go out to the victims of yesterday's attack and their families. We stand with everyone who is feeling the same shock, sadness, frustration, and anger we’ve all felt before, and we remain committed to speaking up, speaking out, and actioning change to create a better future for all.

To get involved, support organizations working for gun control, and to educate yourself, check out the links below. To share resources to be added, email us at [email protected].


Contact Your Senators here

Text Your Senators UNIVERSAL to 34131 to demand universal background checks




Lipstick Lobby Fired Up Lipstick


Gun Control



March For Our Lives

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