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Détroit La Comtesse Takes The Youth Questionnaire

29 Jun 2022

This Pride, we spoke with four of our team members about what it means to have pride in who they are, and how that impacts how they connect with themselves and the world around them. To The People invited Team YTTP to guest edit To The People, a space to bring stories to life, and highlight the artists and advocates who are bringing pride to the people.

Drew Hazelhurst, YTTP’s Visual Production Manager, took over To The People to introduce his cousin, Détroit La Comtesse—an NYC-based drag queen, Broadway stage manager, and overall icon. Since the onset of the pandemic, Détroit has been committed to pushing Black queerness to the forefront of every space they enter. “People always say that art imitates life,” Détroit tells To The People, “so we need to make sure we don’t leave any piece of it out.”  


Here’s what Drew had to say:

“I am so honored to include my fabulous cousin, Détroit La Comtesse, in this Youth Questionnaire. It has been such a joy watching them grow into the fierce and incredibly talented human they are today, truly embodying everything that pride is about—being fearless in your skin, surrounding yourself with amazing, supportive friends, and following your dreams no matter how tough the road might be. I am blessed to have them in my life and I am so glad y'all get to meet them too! I am also very touched that I was asked to participate in our pride campaign this year. I love that I have been given the opportunity to share my story with the world and talk about the importance of finding people who lift you up and make you the best version of yourself.”

— Drew Hazelhurst, he/him

Visual Production Manager @ YTTP

Check out Détroit La Comtesse’s Youth Questionnaire below.

Question 02: What will your greatest impact be on this earth?

I hope it’s my collaboration.

Question 03: Where are you most free?

When I am sitting with my roommate, a fellow drag queen and musician, eating cereal and talking about the drama of our lives lol.

Question 04: When were you recently perfectly content?

After the first preview of “The Skin of Our Teeth,” the last show I worked on. It felt like such an accomplishment to get this crazy, wild beast of a show on its feet in all of its glory.

Question 05: What do you dream of?

I dream of two things. The first is to look just like Crystal Gayle when I am in drag. The second is to take my drag international, but first I need to think of how to do that.

Question 06: What does pride mean to you?

To me pride means knowing your worth and owning every aspect of it!

Question 08: What is your coolest trick?

Probably my ability to decide instantly whether or not someone has the right face for bangs.

Question 09: What is your favorite memory in nature?

Probably when I went to a performance art festival in upstate New York with my drag family and we got into a bit of a little tiff…which may have been caused by me….and after not talking to them for like an hour, I ritualistically washed their hair one by one at a picnic table near our campsite to say I was sorry. Me truly delivering full gay drama.

Question 10: Describe your relationship with your ego.

I think some people might think I am cocky but I just know my worth and try not to accept less than that. And so far that has worked for me.

Question 11: What is your favorite flower or tree, and why?

Bleeding heart flowers….Because of the color and the drama of it!

Question 12: To you, what is the most soothing sound?

The sound of acrylic nails tapping on a hard surface.

Question 14: If you could encourage others to support something you believe to be universally beneficial, what would it be?

LOCAL DRAG! You don’t like drag if you only watch Drag Race…you just like Drag Race. Supporting local drag means supporting LGBTQ art. Supporting local drag means supporting all types of drag. Support local drag. Get into it!

Question 15: What is your personal goal for this year, month, or day?

I really want to throw a day-long film festival of old Blaxploitation films, curated by myself and other Black creatives, with discussions in between the films where we talk about this ignored period of filmmaking and its impact on pop culture, both then and now.

Question 16: What song lyric, lines of a poem, or other excerpt best describes your outlook?

“I have to remind myself to breathe—almost to remind my heart to beat!” — Wuthering Heights 

Question 17: What colors your view of the world?

Usually whatever project I am working on at the time. I feel like with every project, both theatrical and drag related, I gain a new perspective or insight into the world. Currently, I have been in this era of connecting with my Blackness in a whole new way and I think that has to do with my work on projects created and/or centered around people of color. 

Question 18: Which is richer: your inner life or outer? Why?

My inner life for sure…because the best people are a little delusional on the inside and I confidently check that box.

Question 19: If your energy were visible to others, what would it look like?

The winding path of a snake.

Question 22: Is it necessary to have things in common with those who you love?

Absolutely not. Some of the people I love the most have nothing in common with me and I think that is why I love them. Too many Geminis does not a cute world make.

Question 23: If you could unite two or more people, concepts, etc, what would they be? Why?

I would bring together Gengoroh Tagame and Francis Bacon. They are these two amazing gay artists who look at the grotesque and beauty of gay sexuality. I would just love to see what would come out of the collaboration between those two minds.

Question 27: What does your oasis look like and feel like?

It looks just like the Chicken Ranch in Best Little Whorehouse in Texas starring Dolly Parton. It’s campy and charming and filled with conversation and fun.

Question 28: How does Youth express itself in you?

A face that would be described as “Black don’t crack” and a willingness to learn.

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