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Cosmic Release—Our First Fragrance!—Is For You If…

It’s official, folks: Youth To The People is entering the world of fragrance via an epic new collab with DedCool, a brand famed for its out-of-the-box inclusive scents that appeal to just about everyone — regardless of gender, age, sexuality, skin color, and so on. From YTTP and DedCool, meet Cosmic Release , an otherworldly fragrance that instantly connects you with the present moment while inspiring you to rise to your highest self. (Whatever that looks like for you!)

The details:

As with all of DedCool’s fragrances, Cosmic Release is a 100%-vegan scent made for all, featuring a unique and carefully-selected combination of notes to create a eau unlike you’ve ever experienced before. With top notes of jasmin, rose, violet, and rosemary, you’re initially hit with a floral aroma, followed by middle notes of amyris, cyprio, and vetiver, which balance the formula out with a woody earthiness.

Underneath it all, you have a heavy-hitting mix of musk, amber, cedar, sandalwood, patchouli, and Oud added in there to create a rich warmth that adds a stunning depth to the scent. When wearing this fragrance, you can expect to feel like the best version of yourself, nothing more, nothing less. It’s elevated, playful, and mysterious at the same time.

Cosmic Release is right for you if…

Contemplating your place in the universe? Well, Cosmic Release was made just for you! And anyone working toward their highest self for that matter. Seeking authenticity, grounding, and elevation all at once? Never underestimate the power of fragrance, y’all.

From an olfactory standpoint, if you’re someone who graviates toward genderless fragrances with both earthy and floral undertones, then you’re bound to become obsessed with this scent. Cosmic Release is also perfect for you if you’re a fan of warm, musky fragrances and Ouds (the latter of which is known for being warm and subtly smoky).

All this to say: Cosmic Release is destined to be your new signature scent. A fragrance you can wear anytime, anywhere, no matter the occasion, and know you’re going to smell amazing. (Oh yeah, and the chic minimalist bottle is just another bonus.)

As of September 23, YTTP x DedCool’s Cosmic Release is available until good are sold out. Try it now for yourself to experience the cosmic scent for yourself.

Written by Kaleigh Fasanella for Youth To The People
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