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Challenging Ourselves to Do Better for the Planet

We are a skincare brand, but we’re more than that, and from our origin as a company, we have kept the planet and the future in mind. Our paper is sourced from both post-consumer waste and wood harvested from responsibly managed, socially beneficial, and environmentally-conscious forests. We avoid embellishments, extra layers of glue, and magnets within our kit packaging as we strive for everything to be 100% recyclable in every city around the world. Still, we know we have work to do to make our operations greener, cleaner, and circular. Through these updates and continuing conversation, we are excited to challenge ourselves and our community to be the change, and to do better for our planet.

  • This March, a 16 oz. Superfood Cleanser Refill joins the YTTP lineup. Rather than purchasing a new 8 oz. bottle every time you run out, this mega-size gives you twice the usual amount so you can refill your 8 oz. + travel size cleansers with fewer bottles in the recycling bin. 
  • We’re now partnering with Heinz, a family-owned glass manufacturer with its eyes on the future of our planet for the production of our bottles and jars. Heinz purifies its wastewater, recycles its upheating for use in a tropical greenhouse, generates its own renewable solar power, uses recycled material, and this year introduced a new CO2-FREE melting electric furnace. Quite forward-thinking for a nearly 400-year-old company.

 We're not perfect, but we're always striving to be better for the planet. Read more.

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