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A Poem on Balance, from To The People

27 Mar 2020

From issue 01 of To The People, a zine by YTTP Studios

The Yin + Yang of You
by Carly Jo Morgan

Find yourself in a comfortable position, 

lying on the floor

Feel the all encompassing sphere 

of the earth beneath you

Feel her power

Feel how she holds you

How she holds us all

Watch her vibrant colors slowly desaturate

Until she becomes a black and white photocopy

She is made of Dark and Light

As is everything

As are we

Feel her black and white patterns of motion churn within you

The rising ocean tides

The downward crashing of an avalanche

The slow swirl of the clouds overhead 

The eruptions of the lava from deep within her core

These energies live within us

The molten lava flows out of our psyche for us to confront

We must accept the darkness and not just the light

It is the darkness, our Shadow, that brings forth our gifts

Feel the harmony of these dark and light counterparts

They strengthen one another 

They bring us balance 

They make us whole

Yin and  Yang

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