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The Innovative Ingredients Behind Youth To The People’s New Body Care

11 Jan 2024
First comes skin care, then comes body care.

Youth To The People has officially entered the body care game with three new nourishing products: Body Cleanser, Body Scrub, and Body Butter. Just like the award-winning Superfood Cleanser, YTTP’s hero product, these thrice-as-nice clean and vegan offerings are formulated with clinically-proven superfoods, and take things up a notch with bright, earthy scents that uplift your senses. Simply put, each product leaves the skin on your body feeling and smelling great.

You may be wondering, “Why do I need a separate skincare system for my body?” It’s an understandable, frequently-asked question. And it’s time to address it. The skin on your face gets the most—for lack of a better word—face time, which is why it gets the most attention and care. But the skin on your body needs some TLC, too. The skin is the largest organ of the body and should be treated with the utmost care, whether it’s located on your face or on your hands and legs.

Ensuring your skin is properly cleansed, exfoliated, and moisturized ensures optimal skin health. The skin is your body’s first layer of defense, meaning that it’s receiving the brunt of environmental stressors (harmful UV rays, pollution, and harsh winter weather). It’s vital to keep it healthy, hydrated, and smooth year-round. And thankfully, you can do just that with YTTP’s new line of body care products.

Ahead, a closer look at the trio that make up YTTP’s new collection of dermatologist-tested body care, and the gentle, effective ingredients that make this launch a winning addition to your daily regimen.

What it is: This daily body cleanser, which is formulated for all skin types, is as reliable and effective as the Superfood Cleanser, only now it’s available for the rest of your body. It reveals itself as a luxuriously foaming gel lather as you pump. The result: Soft, thoroughly cleansed skin that’s not stripped.
What it does: Body Cleanser is clinically measured to maintain the skin’s moisture barrier function.* It gently deep cleans without stripping the skin of essential oils. In a consumer study, 92% of participants agreed their skin felt refreshed and comfortable after one use,** and 92% agreed that their skin looked smooth and visibly clear after 4 weeks of use.**
What’s inside: Body Cleanser contains a blend of nature-derived, science-backed ingredients. Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3, which helps support balanced oil production and promotes radiance. It joins sodium PCA in helping to keep your skin’s moisture barrier in check. Nourishing superfoods, like kale and green tea, are known as protective antioxidants, and gentle amino + fatty acid surfactants respect the skin barrier for a comfortable cleanse that leaves no residue.

**Based on a 51-person consumer study and *bio-instrumental measurements.

What it is: Deemed as a dual action scrub with physical and chemical exfoliants, Body Scrub smoothes rough bumps and resurfaces dry texture.
What it does: This finely milled body scrub is perfect for those with sensitive skin, dull skin concerns, or keratosis pilaris (KP). In a consumer study, 85% of participants agreed that their skin felt less rough and texture looked smooth,** and 92% agreed that skin looked smooth and visibly clear after 4 weeks of use.**
What’s inside: Body Scrub marries superfoods with science, and spotlights a variety of clinically proven ingredients. Among those is yerba mate, caffeine, and passionfruit, which come together as an antioxidant-rich blend that promotes a radiant, energized-looking glow. A combination of lactic, glycolic, and mandelic acids (10% AHAs) join 1% PHA to help resurface brighter, smoother skin. Upcycled olive seed powder and jojoba beads serve as the physical exfoliant blend that buffs away pure-clogging impurities. Lastly, bisobolol + jojoba seed oil supports comfortable application and smooth skin finish.

**Based on a 4-week 54 person consumer test.

What it is: Body Butter seals everything in. This deeply moisturizing, decadent formula is perfect for all skin types and helps address dry skin—without the greasiness associated with other body butters.
What it does: Rich and fast-absorbing, Body Butter visibly firms, smooths, and brightens the skin. It also strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier while providing an all-day glow you can see and feel. In a consumer study, 96% of participants agreed that skin felt silkier and restored with moisture,*** and 91% of participants said skin felt intensely hydrated and moisturized.**
What’s inside: Body Butter boasts a medley of superfood and science-backed ingredients. This includes 3% niacinamide, which brightens skin tone and supports the skin barrier function. Antioxidant-rich berry extracts combat dullness and free radicals, while chamomile-derived bisobolol helps soothe the skin. The intense moisture complex (jojoba, shea, capuacu + hyaluronic acid) locks in hydration and provides firming moisture.

Based on a 58-person consumer study after **2-***4-weeks of use.

Ready to take your skin care routine to the next level? Shop YTTP Body Care now.
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