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Facts From The Field – Oasis Serum Q+A

29 May 2024
We asked Janine James, Youth To The People's Regional Sales and Education Executive for New York + Boston, to answer some of the top questions about our Oasis Serum.

Q: Will Oasis Serum work on sensitive skin?
A: Yes! Oasis Serum will work for all skin types including sensitive skin. It packs a powerful dose of hydration which all skin types can benefit from. I get eczema patches on my face and there is nothing I like more than Oasis Serum to help soothe my flare-ups!

Q: Can you use Oasis Serum with Retinol?
A: Yes! Using Oasis Serum as a base layer under your retinol is a great way to allow your skin to acclimate to the retinol without compromising its benefits or results while adding a hefty dose of hydration. I recommend the sandwich method, especially for sensitive skin types: Oasis Serum + Retinol + Superberry Dream Mask.

Q: What does Oasis Serum feel like? Is it sticky?
A: Anyone who knows me knows that Oasis Serum is one of my desert island products, not only because of the triple peptides and the juicy amount of hyaluronic acid, but also because of the texture. Nothing beats its non-sticky water-based texture! It instantly absorbs leaving your skin feeling smooth, silky and beautifully prepped for your next skincare and/or makeup products!

Q: What step in the routine do you use Oasis Serum?
A: You can use Oasis Serum right after cleansing your skin. I swear by the Superfood Cleanser because it is pH balanced, removes all impurities and does not strip the skin. If you use a toner, Oasis Serum would be the third step in your routine: Cleanser + Toner + Oasis Serum. A great tip is to leave the skin slightly damp while applying Oasis Serum for flash absorption!

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