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Facts In the Field –Energy Serum Edition

14 May 2024
We asked Sandra Chavez, Youth to the People's Regional Sales and Education Executive for the Southwest, to answer some of the top questions about our Energy Serum.

Q: How often do I apply Energy Serum?
A: Every morning 1-2 pumps before moisturizer

Q: Will this formula interfere with my long wear foundation?
A: Not at all! As a fellow makeup artist, this serum is an absolute must for prepping the skin. Its formulation is super lightweight and quickly absorbs onto the skin giving you an overall brighter more awake look. And aside from the triple vitamin C’s, this serum includes Yerba Mate extract, which contains caffeine, and instantly depuffs in all the right places. Making this product a perfect combo underneath your foundation.

Q: Is this safe for acne prone skin?
A: Asolutely, in fact I recommend it because it will help brighten post acne pigmentation and help with inflammation and puffiness.

Q: Can I Cocktail with other Serums?
A: I personally love to cocktail our Vitamin C with Our Tripple Peptide Cactus Oasis Serum. This super Hydrating, plumping and firming formula works beautifully paired with our Vitamin C. Apply the Hydrating serum on damp skin then follow with our Vitamin C! And get ready for a plumped, revitalized GLOW!

Q: Is the formula Sticky or tacky?
A: Great question! It is not sticky or tacky, it is light weight formula that penetrates instantly! Instant penetration is key as you can also pair with other serums and your favorite moisturizers.

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