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Your Most DM'd Skincare Questions, Answered.

22 Mar 2024
You asked and our Vice President of Product Development, Laura Cline, Answered. PART ONE.

Q: What do superfoods do in skincare?
A: There's absolutely benefits of superfoods in skincare. Superfoods are fruits, vegetables, oils, things that contain higher levels of antioxidants, minerals, phytonutrients, etc. We know they're really amazing for health when they're consumed, but they actually can be really beneficial for topical use.

Q: Is there actual science behind superfoods?
A: Absolutely, yes, there is science behind super foods. At Youth To The People, we love selecting raw materials and super foods for antioxidant efficacy, vitamins, trace minerals, fatty acid content, you name it; depends on what the goal is.

Q: Can antioxidants keep your barrier healthy?
A: I'm sure you've heard that you need antioxidants. But why? Why does your skin need it? Think of your skin is your body's protective barrier. It's setting a boundary from external aggressors. Your skin's barrier is protecting your skin's health. Your barrier needs support, it needs maintenance to perform at its best. So antioxidants play an important role in skincare because it actually helps neutralize free radical damage.

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