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Meet Youth To The People’s New 10% AHA + Yerba Mate Smoothing Energy Body Scrub

This just in: Youth To The People’s award-winning Yerba Mate Resurfacing Energy Facial Scrub now comes in a brand-new, must-try version for the body. Introducing 10% AHA + Yerba Mate Smoothing Energy Body Scrub: a dual-action, full-body facial powered by superfoods, plant extracts, and a blend of both chemical and physical exfoliants. Akin to Energy Facial Scrub, the luxurious creamy formula leaves skin impossibly smooth, soft, and silky—plus it smells out-of-this-world.

“Just like Energy Facial Scrub, Energy Body Scrub is designed to be used a couple of times a week to help smooth rough bumps, slough off dull skin, and instantly resurface dry texture,” explains Laura Cline, YTTP’s VP of Product Development. “It’s also tested to be suitable for sensitive skin and people with keratosis pilaris, aka KP.”

The finely-milled, ultra-creamy polish seamlessly unclogs congested pores to leave skin noticeably softer, smoother, and more radiant after just one use. On top of that, it feels incredible and smells like a dream. “It has a mousse consistency that makes it really spreadable and not abrasive at all,” says Cline. ”It rinses away really clean and comfortable, never stripped or oily.”

As for its fragrance, it’s designed with innovative neurosensorial technology and features invigorating notes of spicy black pepper, ginger, and velvet woods. Called Energy Shift, the signature scent is specifically meant to help energize your mind and turn shower thoughts into real revelations.

With powerful-yet-gentle exfoliating properties, clinically proven ingredients, plus a scent that re-energizes your mind, body, and soul, YTTP’s new Energy Body Scrub is exactly what you need to transform your shower routine into an elevated self-care experience.

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