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How to Help Brighten + Depuff Eyes with the Peptides + C Energy Eye Concentrate

06 Mar 2023

It is said that the eyes are a window to the soul, or in some cases, the mirror–and to a certain extent, it’s easy to understand why. Our eyes, including the lashes, lids, and orbital area around them, say a lot about our lifestyle, our sleep patterns, and our emotional well-being. Waking up with dark circles or puffiness? That could stem from a lack of shuteye, but it could also be hereditary or be linked to fluid retention.

Thankfully, says Youth To The People’s AVP of Product Development, Laura Cline, the right skincare regimen can go a long way to keep the eye area looking radiant. Here’s how to brighten and depuff eyes with the Peptides + C Energy Eye Concentrate.

“In addition to highlighting what’s going on with us internally, the skin around our eyes is some of the thinnest and most sensitive on our face, making it more prone to external aggressors,” says Laura. “It’s also constantly moving as our eyes blink, look, and shift with our facial expressions, creating fine lines that need long-lasting hydration–which is easy to achieve with the right targeted eye treatment.”

Cline’s personal pick is YTTP’s new Peptides + C Energy Eye Concentrate, a silky and super-absorbable gel-serum that provides eight hours of lightweight moisture and helps improve skin moisture barrier function. With continued use, it helps reduce the look of puffiness and dark circles, and effectively boosts luminosity.

“It’s loaded with efficacious, high-performing ingredients to ensure both an immediate pick-me-up and long-term results,” she says.

The Energy Eye Concentrate, formulated with caffeine from yerba mate and guayusa extracts, ascorbyl glucoside or vitamin CG (a stable and gentle form of vitamin C), and a mix of peptides, helps reduce the look of puffiness. The inclusion of optically-diffusing synthetic mica serves to instantly revive the look of the undereye by reflecting light, creating an unparalleled glow.

“The way you apply the product, and how often, is also really important,” says Cline. “To maximize its benefits, use it AM and PM, patting a small amount from the inside of the eye socket near your nose and gently tapping until the formula is absorbed.”

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