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What Good To The People Means to Us

24 Oct 2019

Our founders, Greg and Joe, believe in youth. The optimism in it, the courage to act to protect our future, and in its beauty of spirit. We believe in being Good To The People. Our Giving arm is a foundry for people who care about people and the planet. Giving initiatives support non-profits and activists working to amplify diverse voices and increase inclusivity, build a more just world, and save the planet. Giving takes action. As the charitable arm of YTTP, Giving invests in shaping a better future—for everyone.

When Greg and Joe set out to make skincare with the most effective extracts for skin health, they wanted to infuse their company, brand, and legacy with that spirit. 

Early on, as they built Youth To The People, four words emerged to represent one ambitious idea: Good To The People. Joe and Greg have refused to compromise our planet or the people living on it. We believe that you can care for yourself and do good in the world, and at Youth To The People, the two are inextricably linked.


This activism comes as no surprise to those who know of the two generations of women in Greg and Joe’s family who’ve passed them the skincare torch. The cousins were inspired by their grandmother’s botanical-first approach to her professional skincare line founded decades ago, and also by her embodiment of a modern feminist: a single mother of seven, a female entrepreneur when the deck was stacked against trailblazing women, and a boss. Their mothers’ generation took up the family profession and always kept feminism and inclusivity in mind. Almost as soon as Joe and Greg started making skincare, they also started searching for ways to broaden their impact, beyond the glass bottle. 

YTTP refuses to accept the status quo. Our efforts of change include: giving lap-tops and school supplies to first-gen, college-bound students from South Central Los Angeles at A Place Called Home; creating hundreds of toiletry kits for the Downtown Women’s Center, Los Angeles’s only shelter working to empower and help homeless women; donating 100% of profits from a special Pride edition of our award-winning Superfood Cleanser to GLSEN, the leading education organization working to create safe and inclusive schools for LGBTQ youth; or partnering with Surfrider Foundation to cleanup coastal regions.

Greg and Joe aren’t just third generation skincare wizards, they’re third generation activists who aren’t afraid to deviate, strive, and dream. Good To The People is their promise. It’s the intention that guides us in both creating powerful, effective skincare, and engineering positive change in the world. No matter where you sit, the world could do with a little more good—an extra dose of kindness, representation, and justice. 

Greg and Joe will be the first to tell you they aren’t alone in this. You only need to visit our headquarters in Los Angeles’s Arts District to feel the creative nerve and sincerity of our team.

To make those superior botanical and science-driven formulations bottled in glass, we source only the highest quality ingredients, we always ask questions throughout the supply chain to ensure our impact matches our standards, and ensure that animals are never ingredients. We’re working on improving our manufacturing practices so that YTTP can one day be a zero-waste company. Our clean formulations are three generations in the making. 
We know the choices we make as consumers and manufacturers impact the world. Call us idealists, sure—but we’re realists, too. Good To The People is more than one department, and more than the sum of us at YTTP. Good To The People means you, too. We hope that you’ll join us in trying to make certain that the future is one where all of us care about all of us.

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