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Greg Gonzalez
Joe Cloyes

“We’ve been immersed in the professional skincare industry our whole lives. Our grandma created her own skincare line in the Bay Area over 40 years ago, and we spent our early years running around her office learning about ingredients, skin types, and the business.

We eventually decided to take our lifetime of skincare knowledge and modernize it for today’s health-conscious and informed consumer. We had one mission in mind: apply the benefits of superfoods + science in a line designed for an active and driven lifestyle.”

Greg & Joe
Founders, YTTP



Feel young. Live young.
Time has no hold on you.
You are Youth to the People.

Arts District


Los Angeles



Our Concept

"We are superfoods. We are science. We are greens-based skincare and clean beauty for all people..."

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Our Founders: