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Growing Up Vs Growing Old

People say it all the time - age is just a number. But what does that actually mean and more importantly, why is it supposed to be reassuring? When we stop to consider the fact that aging has somehow been turned into a negative, it begs the question: what the kale is wrong with having lived longer?

If anything, accomplishing one’s age should be seen as just that - an accomplishment! Our lives could end at any time without a moment’s notice. It’s the realization and acceptance of this that sets us free to truly sink our teeth into every second of every day and live to the fullest.

And who says getting older means a person is just plain old? Youth is a state of mind - a daily decision - and it can be made by anyone regardless of that pesky date on which they took their first breath. Maintaining youth is a matter of deciding to take care of one’s mind, body, and spirit to the best of one’s ability. Think about it in terms of nutrients - we select certain foods to eat, certain activities to (or not to) engage in, and certain products to refresh and vivify our skin because being in our best state of self-care allows us to get more out of every moment.

Some equate becoming old with becoming sedentary but the truth is that movement is always available in some form - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. And again, it’s often a choice to be mobile in any or all of those ways.

So embrace your age, embrace your youth - and prepare for life to get better and brighter than ever.




*Photo found on Pinterest