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Fight or Flight

Our body exists in two modes of being: Fight or Flight or Rest and Digest. These two modes are determined by our mental and physical reaction to the world around us, and influence a host of reactions in our minds and bodies. Understanding these reactions can help us bring balance and consistency to our lives, improving our health overall.

Fight or Flight: our innate response to stress, fight or flight mode refers to the increase in our heart rates, breathing rates, and increased production of the stress hormone cortisol. Fight of flight mode is a biological reaction leftover from thousands of years where humans needed to protect themselves from the threat of predators and the elements, enabling us to fight or flee a dangerous situation.

Nowadays, this same response is triggered when we encounter difficult work situations or stressful family members, overwhelming technology, and long, hard days - basically all the normal aspects of modern life.

So how does fight or flight (and stress) affect our skin?

  1. Dryness, crepiness
  2. Dullness
  3. Uneven tone
  4. Trigger breakouts
  5. Speeds initial signs of aging (fine lines, wrinkles)
So how do we fight back?
  1. Making choices to create balance in our lives
  2. Resting when we can
  3. Movement, meditation, and yoga
  4. Incorporating adaptogenic herbs into our diets and skincare routines