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A Return To Nature

Every day we are bombarded by alarms over depleted ice caps, rising sea levels, ozone deterioration, deforestation, and extinction. Common initial reactions to these topics include fear, foreboding, and a gathering up of that which is closest and most valuable to us. Now stop and think about that response - when threatened, we are instinctively protective.

Interestingly enough, that which we protect tends to be defined by that which we have chosen to value. It’s a choice to value and thusly a choice to protect. Ideally, as tribal creatures, humans value and protect one another - somewhere in the core of our being, we know survival is more likely when we work as a team.

However, who says our teams must be exclusively human?

Sure, we have pets and of course our relationship with other creatures is a vital part of the communities we’ve built all over the planet. But let’s think bigger...globally, in fact. Or more specifically, think about the globe.

The planet on which we live and the flora springing forth from its broad surface deserve to be thought of as members of our teams - essential members, MVPs even! Whether its for nourishment, shelter, oxygen, or a litany of other purposes, nature pitches in to our survival efforts and often goes the extra mile to help us thrive.

Think about our present human efforts toward thriving - specifically the preservation and enjoyment of youth. It takes teamwork to make this goal a possibility - teamwork between human and nature. Healthy diets and vibrant skin require natural components and as we embrace nature into the fold of our teams, we simultaneously find ways to protect it.

Our ongoing quest for youth, hand-in-hand with nature, could actually be the very key to protecting the planet on which we all work as a team to thrive. So take the time to appreciate the natural elements of your own life: leave the blinds drawn and let the sun wake you in the morning, plant an herb garden out your kitchen window and use it to cook, make more time for walks.

When we choose to value nature, we choose to protect it. And when we protect nature, it in turn shows us more and more ways to revel in our youth.




*Photo found on Pinterest