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Your Grandparents Respond to the Youth Questionnaire

By Manna Zel

Los Angeles-based trio Your Grandparents has a way of taking a soulful sound and making it distinctly modern. It’s especially evident in their latest single, “So Damn Fly,” and their golden hour set at The Fader’s digital FORT last weekend, where the group—DaCosta and Jean Carter on vocals, ghettoblasterman on production—effortlessly delivered their signature blend of R&B and hip hop. Today, they dropped the music video for “So Damn Fly”.

In a statement, Your Grandparents shared that they think of the single as “an ode to the unapologetically beautiful, Black, and bold youth of today.” It’s the first single from their debut album slated to release later this year. 

Check out the music video for “So Damn Fly”—and Your Grandparents’ responses to YTTP’s Youth Questionnaire—below.

Question 1: How do you help others? 

Just being present for someone, and actively listening to their problems goes a long way.

Question 2: What will your greatest impact be on this earth?  

Hopefully the way our art moves people. 

Question 3: Where are you most free? 

In a studio with lots of natural light. 

Question 4: When were you recently perfectly content? 

On vacation in France.

Question 5: What do you dream of? 

The future, it all usually catches up and comes to fruition. 

Question 6: What does pride mean to you? 

To be publicly content with who you are.

Photo courtesy of The Orchard