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Which YTTP Gift Is For You? Take This Quiz to Find Out

By Grace Gavilanes, she/her

The holidays are always about making it through your “nice list,” but we’re here to say it’s okay to make it about YOU. 2021 has been a wild ride. It’s time to reward yourself for making it through yet another crazy year. Take this quick five-question quiz—and treat yourself right ASAP.

Let’s do this.

You Have A Day Off From Work. What Do You Do?

a.) Delete Slack, listen to my favorite podcasts, and meditate.

b.) Really make the most of my morning routine. It’s the little things.

c.) Get a facial and massage. Duh.

d.) Explore a neighborhood you haven’t been to yet.

e.) Channel your inner teen and hang out at the mall.

How Do You Relax When Stressed?

a.) Midday naps always do the trick for me.

b.) Not checking my phone for the rest of the day.

c.) Breathing in, breathing out.

d.) Checking flights to see if a last-minute weekend getaway is possible. 

e.) Buying myself something cute.

What Are You Currently Craving?

a.) A good book and some chamomile tea. 

b.) Holiday music. (And no, it’s not too early.)

c.) A feel-good movie marathon.

d.) A 1-minute chocolate mug cake.

e.) Cheesy holiday movies and online shopping.

Who’s Your Favorite?

a.) Taylor Swift

b.) Billie Eilish

c.) Sia

d.) Bad Bunny

e.) Doja Cat

What’s Your 2022 Skincare Goal?

a.) Find a routine that complements my beauty sleep.

b.) Streamline my routine while keeping it just as effective as before.

c.) Dedicate at least one night per week to trying out a new at-home facial. 

d.) Nail which essentials I’ll always bring with me on my travels.

e.) Finally trying out that new skincare system I’ve had my eye on.

If you got mostly As …

The Dreamer

You’re the type to go hard at work - it’s your dream job after all. You’re almost always on, even when your boss tells you it’s okay to regularly take PTO. (Really, it’s okay!) And when you do end up taking advantage of me-time, you’re all in. Relaxing, unwinding, and prioritizing your bliss becomes your M.O. You can leave the hard work to us.

Our pick for you:

The Dreamer Hydrate + Glow 3-Step Skincare Kit ($52) - Let these overnight essentials, which replenish hydration and visibly brighten dull skin, do the work while you clock in those well-deserved zzz’s.

Shop The Dreamer Gift Guide Here


If you got mostly Bs …

The Minimalist

You’re far from high-maintenance. In fact, you like to keep things simple and feel most alive when trying out new hacks that promise to streamline your daily routine. The same can be said about your skincare regimen.

Our pick for you:

The Minimalist Pores + Brighten 3-Step Skincare Kit ($46) - A complete three-step skincare set to start or simplify your routine—and achieve your skin goals in fewer steps. You’re three steps away from keeping pores clear and removing daily impurities.

Shop The Minimalist Gift Guide Here


If you got mostly Cs …

The Mask Lover

You know how some people celebrate a big milestone with a new outfit or accessory? You prefer booking a facial above all else. And when in-person facials are out of the question, you keep the self-care vibes going strong with at-home treatments that are just as swoon-worthy. That’s where we come in.

Our pick for you:

Yerba Mate Resurfacing Energy Facial ($54) - A dual-action microdermabrasion facial that breaks down dead skin cells with active enzymes, papaya, and pineapple. Smoother, softer, exfoliated skin is two minutes away—so you can truly maximize your self-care day.

Shop The Mask Lover Gift Guide Here


If you got mostly Ds …

The Traveler

Nothing brings you more joy than exploring a new city, country, or culture. You’re a bit of a nomad, and prefer it that way. But even though your location may change month to month or week to week, your commitment to feeding your skin the best ingredients remains the same.

Our pick for you:

Youth Stacks™ All Day Hydration ($20) - Made of two Youth Minis that are also TSA-friendly at up to 1 fl. oz. each, this transformative twosome hydrates, replenishes, and soothes to combat travel’s havoc on skin. 

Shop The Traveler Gift Guide Here


If you got mostly Es …

The Makeup Lover

You’re the artsy one of your friend group and are always down to flex those creative muscles every chance you get. Thinking outside of the box is your favorite thing to do. Luckily, we’re here to supply the ultimate smooth canvas to make it happen.

Our pick for you:

The Superfood Cleanser Refill Kit ($98) - a limited-edition, all-in-one cleanser kit that includes a six-month supply of YTTP’s bestselling antioxidant face wash, so you’ll be stocked up well into 2022. No stress, just really happy, glowing skin.

Shop The Makeup Lover Gift Guide Here

Written by Grace Gavilanes for Youth To The People

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