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Viewing Life Through a Prism, a Letter from the Editor

That a story has two sides is a myth—in fact, a story and its corresponding truth have as many sides to it as people who are connected to it, no matter how directly or tangentially. Whole truths rely on welcoming the validity of all of these sides, to knowing there are sides we don’t even know we don’t know. 

You’ve heard it from us before: perspective is a powerful tool

Think of a prism—shine a light through it and get a multifaceted, rainbow-hued view—one encompassing a multitude of possibilities and perspectives. The vaster the collection of facets that we allow to color our world the more beautiful it has the power to be. 

The stories you’ll find here are about calling in many points of view and shining a light on several possibilities. Is our collection all-encompassing? Not quite; how could it be? But our aim is to allow the full spectrum of the landscape to glow brightly. 

Our creators come from different backgrounds and experiences. They have the perspective that comes with experience and are offering what they’ve learned to those who are about to go through some of the same things. They lived through major political moments, and have vastly different memories of those events. One of them wrote about how their expansion of language allowed them to see a more whole version of themselves. Many were shaped by what they saw, or didn’t, in books, TV and movies, and invite you to read or watch to gain a better understanding, too.

You can read the full collection of stories about Pride and perspective via this link.

Thank you for reading. We hope these stories will broaden your perspective, too.

—Alyssa Shapiro