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[VIDEO] Willow Defebaugh, Editor-in-Chief of Atmos, Dreams With Pride

By Alyssa Shapiro, she/her

“To me, transness is the ultimate embodiment of nature because nature is a force of transformation and evolution,” says Willow Defebaugh, editor-in-chief of the climate and culture magazine Atmos. For Defebaugh, trans is also short for transcendent, that which surpasses the ordinary and ascends into the exceptional—something not subject to the foggy-glassed limitation of binaries. There’s more to discover and to know if we can open ourselves to every facet of existence.

“We should give ourselves the permission to explore every aspect of ourselves, to embrace the fluidity of nature,” they say. In doing so, the ways that we can heal ourselves, our communities, our Earth, become evident. 

Watch Willow Defebaugh’s Beautiful People feature below and discover how they Dream With Pride.

Developed + Produced by Alyssa Shapiro

Direction + Photography by Alex Kim Kenealy

Creative Direction by Cam Brocksen

Art Direction by Kimmie Torgerson

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