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Tunes To The People: Rest + Destress

By Sam Schoonover

I've been making playlists since "making playlists" meant burning CDs and passing them out to friends in middle school. I remember this mp3 player I had that could only fit 12 songs on it and took like 30 minutes to update. I made a new 12-track playlist every morning… it was the dopest thing ever. Music curation has been like second nature ever since. 

I've always loved the idea of improving people's life experiences by soundtracking them, and I love giving people something new. So my playlists are usually focused on helping people discover new music, while of course always delivering some of the favorites. Nowadays, in addition to my own playlists, I also curate music for a number of incredible brands, like Youth to the People and Coachella.

Rest + Destress is inspired by the sounds that help you unwind your mind. Minor chords, melancholic melodies, and introspective songwriting. It slowly gets more relaxing as the playlist plays through.

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