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[PODCAST] How To Vibe with Nature Wherever You Are

Have you vibed out with a tree lately? Whenever you notice yourself feeling untethered, spending time among trees will help guide you back to where you need to be. It’s self-care, it’s being well, to be among trees. To breathe in the fresh air, to hear birdsong, of course—but also to just vibe out in the forest!

Our guest today is Willow Defebaugh, editor in chief of Atmos, a digital platform and biannual magazine that explores the connection between climate and culture. Their work is always insightful, often full of deep quotes and imperative facts about the earth, its energy, and always bringing it full spiral back to our pure human experience—and for this episode, they've joined host Alyssa Shapiro in conversation about connecting with nature wherever you are.

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Hosted by Alyssa Shapiro

Edited by Manna Zel

Produced by Manna Zel + Alyssa Shapiro

Theme music by YTTP co-founder Greg Gonzalez + Hannah Fernando