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The Best Skincare for Teens

By Elsa de Berker, she/her

If you haven’t already experienced the calming ritual of a daily skincare routine for yourself, Youth To The People’s Education Executive, Lauren Cummings recommends you hop to itand with haste. It doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, the younger you are, the simpler your routine can be. 

“If you’re 12 or 13 years old, a routine can be as little as two products,” she says, adding that you can start experimenting with skincare even younger, if you like. “Getting in the habit of taking care of your skin early will only help you in the futureand make it easier to treat common skin issues, like acne and pimples, should they arise for you further down the line.”

Not that pimples are anything to be ashamed of, especially if you know which products to turn to for help. 

“It’s just one of those things that so many of us experience,” says Cummings. “And it makes sense: pimples and acne typically occur when our body is in a state of flux with new hormones or a shift in diet and lifestyle, and oftentimes those changes coincide with our teenage years—and decide to show up on our face.”

But whether you’re entirely new to skincare, or already consider yourself a pro, YTTP can help. Read on for the top five skincare commandments to help keep teen skin happy, dewy, and in peak shape. 



First things first, you need a good cleanser to wash away dirt and makeup, excess oil, and sweat from being outside or playing sports. Cummings likes the Superfood Cleanser by Youth To The People because it’s extra gentle and suitable for both AM and PM use.

“Cleansing twice a day is super important for teens because it helps remove any excess sebum sitting on the skin’s surface which could turn easily into blackheads or zits,” she says. 



Moisturizer is a must in any routine, but you’ll want to avoid anything particularly heavyespecially if you’re just starting out and getting to know what your skin does and doesn’t like. 

“Our skin is made up of oil and water, so any product that contains both is a savvy place to start,” says Cumming. She likes YTTP's Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream, because it absorbs easily and feels like a “a refreshing drink for your pores.”



When it comes to skincare, you want to avoid any products formulated with sulfates (which strip the skin), and dimethicones (which clog pores). “If you only use YTTP products it’s easy to avoid both, because none of our formulas contain them, ever,” says Cummings.



Spending time on your skincare routine should be rewarding, but it can take a minute to get to grips with how to use new products and to see visible results. Cummings recommends sticking with cleansing and moisturizing twice a day for a month before switching it up.

“Keep with it, because good things will happen,” she says, adding that most people can expect an overall clearer complexion, and softer, more conditioned skin after 28 days.



After you’ve mastered your two-step regimen, feel free to throw in another product to give it a little oomph. 

“Our skin will tell us what it needs, so become a detective and learn to understand what yours might need next,” says Cummings. Got a couple of pesky dry spots? Perhaps it’s time to play with a gentle exfoliant, try out an oil, or reach for a hydrating mist.

“Stay tuned into what your skin looks like on a daily basis, experiment with caution, and pretty soon you’ll be able to read it like a book.”

Written by Elsa de Berker for Youth To The People