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Bringing Divine Ancestral Wisdom to Community Action

Despite feeling like she was not educated or experienced enough to engage in advocacy spaces, writer Irene Franco Rubio found that was precisely why it was essential she immersed herself to begin with.

The Role of Ceramides in the Moisture Barrier

Ceramides are naturally found in our bodies. However, due to natural aging and environmental factors such as pollution, our skin naturally loses ceramides over time.

Are Retinoids Safe for Oily + Combo Skin?

The straightforward answer to this skincare query is yes — retinoids are absolutely safe to use if you have oily or combination skin. In fact, retinoids can be especially great for oily and combo skin types for a few different reasons. 

It’s Women’s History Month—Click To Read So Much More

We’re pleased to share a roundup of stories we’ve shared over the years about topics that impact all women, communities that support women, women in leadership, and the important work to be done to increase representation.