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Singer, Rapper, + Songwriter R.A.E. Takes the Youth Questionnaire

At just the beginning of a promising career, R.A.E. is carving a lane all her own with music that easily blends hip-hop, R&B, ‘90s nostalgia, youth, and excitement. And her name is just as uplifting as her music—the abbreviation R.A.E. is a reminder to herself and fans that they are Rising Above Everything. 

LOONY Takes the Youth Questionnaire

By Manna Zel (she/they) When her high school boyfriend was unexpectedly incarcerated, LOONY found catharsis by releasing homemade tracks, which le...

Alt-Pop Sibling Duo BETWEEN FRIENDS Take the Youth Questionnaire

When LA-based siblings Savannah and Brandon Hudson teamed up under the moniker BETWEEN FRIENDS, their kinetic relationship with one another—and their full creative control over their art—drove the pair to create music at an almost frenetic pace.

R&B Artist Sainvil Takes the Youth Questionnaire

Hailing from Little Haiti, Miami, Sainvil’s first two projects, 2020 Was Hijacked and In Bad Shape, blend pop synths with trap drums, with his vocal range taking center stage.

Hannah Fernando Takes the Youth Questionnaire

Following a lifetime of professional dance, a passion for music, and a few years in the studio, 21-year-old artist Hannah Fernando debuts her first two singles on new imprint, The Earth School.

SenSee Responds to the Youth Questionnaire

Made without gluten, dairy, or refined sugars, SenSee cakes are baked with clean ingredients and local produce. Those living in Los Angeles can place an order via DM—for Valentine’s Day, Lunar New Year, birthdays, or just because. Here, Sensee's founder, Victoria Dinh, responds to YTTP’s Youth Questionnaire. 

Singer + Songwriter Sofía Valdés Takes the Youth Questionnaire

Born and bred in Panama, 20-year-old singer-songwriter Sofía Valdés has built a sonic vocabulary that counts British folk, bossa nova, ‘60s Motown, and ‘70s soul as influences. Her debut EP, Ventura, is vibrant, emotionally honest, and available below to listen now.

Pop Artist Julietta Takes the Youth Questionnaire

In her brand-new EP, Los Angeles-based pop artist Julietta levitates above it all. Using her music as a vehicle for honest, open self-expression, Julietta spends six tracks meditating on themes like optimism, freedom, independence, and creating your own narrative despite the expectations of others.