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Self-Connection Through Fire

I grew up in a small town, surrounded by foliage, wildlife, and a strong community in Cedar Key, a cluster of little islands in the Gulf of Mexico. I feel grounded when I return to nature. Living now in South Florida, I find other ways to stay connected to myself—my favorite is pyrography. 

How a Yoga Practice Keeps Me Connected During Social Distancing

When the world feels like it’s spinning out of control, my yoga instructor holds a safe space for people to release. For a little over a year now, these classes have helped me through hard times and encouraged me to get to know myself better. During shelter in place orders, it has ensured that we still get to connect virtually.

Working with Crystals Keeps Me Connected

I started collecting crystals when I was very young—growing up, my grandma had them around her house and spoke about how they brought good energy to her. She taught me to charge crystals in the full moon, cleanse them in a body of natural water, and to use salt to cleanse off stagnant energy. I wanted to grow my collection, but I also wanted to work closely with my crystals, so I decided to make my own wire-wrapped crystal jewelry.