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To The Future! Girls Who Code Alum Share How They Will Shape the World

You’ve already met Girls Who Code, an organization Youth To The People donated $100,000 through our To The Future Fund to help support their mission of closing the gender gap in STEM. Now meet some of the alums from their programs, girls, nonbinary folks, and women who learned to code and are now applying it across finance, entertainment, and more.

Gun Control IS the Answer

We are donating $50,000 to Everytown in support of gun safety in America, and through our To The Future Fund we will continue to support organizations taking action to build a safe and equitable future for all women, school children, and communities.

Announcing the To The Future Fund

To The Future Fund supports nonprofits working to increase representation, access, and equity for all people. We believe that starts with empowering girls, BIPOC youth, and LGBTQIA+ youth.