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What’s the Best Way To Form a Healthy Habit?

Forming a healthy habit typically doesn’t happen overnight; like most things in life, it takes some time, patience, and good ole’ practice to really get into the groove of things. (Yes, even when it comes to implementing healthy skincare habits.)

New to YTTP? Start Here.

Keeping any and all skin types in mind, The Youth System™ 6-Piece Minis Kit is your go-to skin-improvement toolkit to obtain effective results in just 30 days.

How Jamie Greenberg Preps Skin for Makeup

A veteran in the industry, Jamie Greenberg is the makeup artist to a plethora of shiny red carpet stars, including Tracee Ellis Ross, Rashida Jones, and Kristen Stewart.

How Leo Chaparro Preps Skin for Makeup

As far as makeup artist Leo Chaparro is concerned, ample hydration is the most important factor when it comes to setting the scene for an attention-drawing look. Here, find Chaparro’s personal cheatsheet on how to best prep the skin for a full glam look.

How We Made a Gentle Gel Cleanser for All Skin Types

The Superfood Cleanser's ultra-gentle gel-based formula was designed with all skin in mind, so it's comforting on contact and loaded with a well-spring of soothing agents, like green tea and aloe vera. 

Can a Light Moisturizer Really Hydrate Your Skin?

The key to a winning summer skincare routine for all skin types, then, lies in a diligent cleansing regimen, followed by optional targeted treatments, and a lightweight, breathable moisturizer.