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Meet the Muse: Polypeptide 121

Bio-designed in California, it is a polypeptide chain consisting of a sequence of more than 180 amino acids found in human collagen, and—and this is the best part—it’s completely vegan.

Should You Still Exfoliate While Using Retinal?

Retinoids can help promote surface skin cell turnover. Though this sounds similar to exfoliation, it’s a little different, so that begs the question: should you still exfoliate while using retinal?

The Role of Ceramides in the Moisture Barrier

Ceramides are naturally found in our bodies. However, due to natural aging and environmental factors such as pollution, our skin naturally loses ceramides over time.

Is Retinal Safe for All Skin Tones?

Improved radiance (overnight!) visibly improved dark spots/hyperpigmentation, minimized pore size, and a decrease in fine line and wrinkles over time FOR ALL.