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Vitamin K Helps Sensitive Skin—Here’s How

Vitamin K helps to repair and restore our protective skin barrier, and when our barrier is healthy, our skin looks its best. Ultimately a strong barrier retains hydration, creating plump, smooth skin.

All About Vitamin C (+ Its Many Forms)

Vitamin C is essentially the prom queen of skincare ingredients—it wins every popularity contest for its magical multitasking abilities. 

What Are the Benefits of Safflower Oil for Skin?

Friendly, potent, restorative ingredients are essential during transitional periods. And if you’re looking to add some equilibrium to this season’s skincare routine, safflower oil is one of those standout ingredients to consider.

The Best Way to Clear Summer Sweat + Grime

Hotter weather and higher humidity can mean more sweat and grime, though, so clarifying, cleansing, and proper exfoliation are paramount this time of year.