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Meet The People: Brinda Iyer on Energy, Rest, and Respect

Meet Brinda Iyer, one of the models in our campaign for the new Yerba Mate Resurfacing Energy Facial. They’re a creative and an artist—Iyer also works as a radio host, is a creative director, and performance artist. Here, they open up about cultivating positive energy, the importance of rest, respect, and how they're dealing with the current pandemic.

What Self-Care Means In Our Community

As the world faces a pandemic—alone together, as we’re called to weather the storm in solitude—we’re asking our community: what does self-care mean to you From the YTTP family and our community, here’s what some of us are doing to practice self-care.

How to Stream Good Vibes at Home

Welcome to day (insert your personal count) of solitude, a.k.a government-mandated social distancing or shelter-in-place, the most essential practice to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Let’s be real, it feels like it’s been years. We’re all doing our best to hang in there—but we also know the idea of staying home for an untold number of additional weeks feels daunting, lonely, and uncertain. If you’re in need of some connection, albeit virtual, we have that here.

Self-Care is Going Into Nature

As a black woman who faces daily racial traumas, who unpacks those and explains cultural appropriation for non-POC, my days are stressful. I look to nature for self-therapy. I truly believe that we are mini-earths. We have our own ecosystems within us, trying to adapt to the stresses of our own unpredictability. To ensure that my physical body can endure a lot of storms, I spend my days outdoors either for work or leisure. 

Beautiful People: Deun Ivory, Founder + Photographer

When Texas native Deun Ivory won a grant from VSCO in 2018, it offered her a runway into a whole world of good. The interview and portrait project she began transformed into a 501c3 organization—now The Body: A Home for Love—through which she encourages Black women heal from trauma through joy. "I believe that everything is working out in my favor," says Ivory. "And having that in the back of my mind allows me to navigate the world with so much confidence and boldness and assuredness, and I'm able to give other people permission to navigate the same way." 

Skincare Advice from Esthetician Andrea Ámez

You know when you meet someone and you have an immediate, strong energetic connection with them? The feeling that makes you wonder, “Wow, are you my long lost soul-friend?” That’s the feeling you get when you meet Andrea Ámez, a holistic esthetician and clean skincare specialist based in Los Angeles. 

Beautiful People: Jacob Jonas, Choreographer + Dancer

Jacob Jonas is the founder and artistic director of Los Angeles-based Jacob Jonas The Company, which communicates stories through a wide range of movement, from breakdance and acrobatics to contemporary ballet. Jonas and his Company’s work have attracted a broad and appreciative audience, and in turn, they’ve been drawn into the orbit of a universally-known creative—in late 2019, Kanye West tasked the dancer with creating the choreography to accompany his Sunday Service performances.

Self-Care Is Leaning Into the Discomfort of Uncertainty to Live Honestly

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” For me, it was an astronaut. Curiosity about the unknown was always a part of my nature. I remember the freedom and excitement I had as a child, so pure and honest—then life happened. I veered away from what it meant to be myself, and I was yearning for it back. As I began to discover self-love through self-care, things became more clear, life became more exciting, and I became happier. 

Photography courtesy of Becca Menichetti

Meet The People: Sydney Schafer on Compassion for Ourselves, for the Earth, for Humankind

Youth To The People is skincare for all—but we’re more than that. Youth To The People is a platform to raise up all voices, and we cast our latest campaign with this notion in mind. Featured here is 24-year-old actress, model, event producer, and mother, Sydney Schafer, who believes in the power of love and understanding to solve the world’s problems

Meet The People: Han Na Shin on Body Positivity + Mental Health

Youth To The People is skincare for all, and we cast our latest campaign with this notion in mind. Featured here is 24-year-old model and PhD student Han Na Shin, who advocates for mental health and body positivity. Shin got into modeling as a way to foster a better relationship with herself: “I knew that I should learn to love myself for who I am. I started taking pictures of myself and posting them on Instagram. Each photo I took and shared, it was a thank you letter to myself.”