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Our Sustainability Journey

We’re a consumer goods company and by nature, consumer goods are wasteful. Consumer goods rely on the purchase-to-manufacturing feedback loop. We believe sustainability is a never-ending journey and we are committed to doing better.

Announcing the To The Future Fund

To The Future Fund supports nonprofits working to increase representation, access, and equity for all people. We believe that starts with empowering girls, BIPOC youth, and LGBTQIA+ youth.

How to Talk to Your Non-English Speaking Relatives About Climate Change

"Through my work, I have seen that every single person has the power to further climate action," writes Sophia Kianni, founder of Climate Cardinals. "By working together, we can ensure that every person, regardless of the language they speak, can learn about the climate crisis before it’s too late."

How to Recycle Your YTTP

When you’ve used up the last of your favorite Youth To The People product, we recommend looking for a way to repurpose the glass bottles and jars. But if you’re ready to put the packaging back into the recycling cycle, make sure you follow these directions to ensure everything gets where it needs to go.

Meet The Muse: Earth

Going outdoors is a source of healing that brings us back to ourselves—and connects us, quite literally, to something that’s bigger than us. Spending time in nature and building a relationship with the Earth can result in plenty of introspection. At the root, the Earth sustains us, heals us, and offers nourishment.

What Are Bioidentical Actives?

Built on a 40-year family history of understanding skin health and bioidentical actives, Youth To The People is constantly searching for innovative skincare solutions steeped in science. According to Laura Cline, YTTP's Director of Education, bioidentical actives are often better for the planet, too.