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Meet the People: Gillean McLeod on the Confidence That Comes With Aging

Featured here is the 63-year-old Gillean McLeod, a model and stylist in Los Angeles, but would you believe her start in modeling didn’t come until just about four years ago? With age has come a better sense of self, and the confidence that comes with it: “I've let go of an awful lot of fear,” says McLeod, “I'm talking about the way I look and the way I feel about my looks. And I just feel like I'm free.” 

Celebrate Pride with Magic from Wednesday

We asked Wednesday, the UK-based queer artist and illustrator, to create a sticker pack of their signature inspirational, colorful art to celebrate Pride. A pack is included with every Youth To The People Superfood Cleanser Pride Edition. Stick them on your reusable water bottles, laptops, faces—wherever!