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The Importance of Community in Transgender Visibility

Community is a place we call in others to learn, where we are intentional about our interactions, but mostly where we look at what we can do with what we have right now. Visibility, like community, is multifaceted and takes collaboration. In this moment, we are being called upon to collaborate on building safer, sustainable futures for transgender people. 

Gun Control IS the Answer

We are donating $50,000 to Everytown in support of gun safety in America, and through our To The Future Fund we will continue to support organizations taking action to build a safe and equitable future for all women, school children, and communities.

The Atlanta Shootings Are Deeply Rooted in Erased Asian-American History

Listen to the stories of Asian-American women and amplify them. By providing Asian-American women with a safe environment to share stories and listening with empathy and attention, we feel safer—and maybe more importantly, we feel seen. And after years of being erased and ignored, that’s exactly what Asian-Americans need.

Women’s Empowerment Guide

When we’re lifting up those around us, we all win—it’s a sentiment echoed by some of the women we’ve been lucky enough to speak with over the past year, and the truth of it comes out in practice. If someone has moved through a previously closed door, she can reach a hand back to help the next person through. 

How Food Activism Is, And Always Has Been, About Radical Love

Simply put, food and race are undoubtedly linked. Grocery store availability is associated with income and race. Fast-food chains aggressively occupy space in neighborhoods with high concentrations of Black folks. Food apartheid may be a newer term, but this is not a new issue.

The Black History Lessons You Never Got in School

All year long, Youth To The People is celebrating Black history and Black futures, but for this Black History Month in particular, we’re highlighting the incredible contributions that Black people have made in sectors like technology, science, art, fashion, politics, and, of course, beauty.

Our Casting Pledge

As we continue casting for our campaigns and ongoing photo/video shoots, and when engaging content creators, we first want to outline our commitment as a skincare and lifestyle brand for implementing real, systemic, anti-racist, and disruptive change within the beauty industry.