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How Food Activism Is, And Always Has Been, About Radical Love

Simply put, food and race are undoubtedly linked. Grocery store availability is associated with income and race. Fast-food chains aggressively occupy space in neighborhoods with high concentrations of Black folks. Food apartheid may be a newer term, but this is not a new issue.

The Black History Lessons You Never Got in School

All year long, Youth To The People is celebrating Black history and Black futures, but for this Black History Month in particular, we’re highlighting the incredible contributions that Black people have made in sectors like technology, science, art, fashion, politics, and, of course, beauty.

Our Casting Pledge

As we continue casting for our campaigns and ongoing photo/video shoots, and when engaging content creators, we first want to outline our commitment as a skincare and lifestyle brand for implementing real, systemic, anti-racist, and disruptive change within the beauty industry.

Announcing the To The Future Fund

To The Future Fund supports nonprofits working to increase representation, access, and equity for all people. We believe that starts with empowering girls, BIPOC youth, and LGBTQIA+ youth.

The First, But Not the Last: On the Importance of Kamala Harris’s VP Inauguration

On January 20, 2021, Kamala Harris will become the first woman, first woman of color, first South Asian woman, and first Black woman elected Vice President of the United States of America with her inauguration alongside Joe Biden as president, and millions of womxn, especially Black and brown girls, will wake up to a world of new possibilities. 

The Roles of Peaceful Protest and White Violence in the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The thing about Dr. King that we most like to remember is his optimism. As a child, I was taught about the peaceful protests he orchestrated: lunch counter sit-ins and marches filled with Black church-goers in suits and hats, holding hands and singing spirituals. These lessons were somber, but never scary or intense. When I was older, my eighth grade Civics class did a more in-depth unit on the Civil Rights movement. We learned more about what actually happened at those sit-ins and marches...

It’s Been a Year… Thank You.

We are grateful to you, our community, for propelling us forward. What we do wouldn’t be possible without you, the folks who took a chance on an indie, bootstraps-built brand and took the time to offer up your love and energy. Your support makes all the difference.

How to Talk to Your Non-English Speaking Relatives About Climate Change

"Through my work, I have seen that every single person has the power to further climate action," writes Sophia Kianni, founder of Climate Cardinals. "By working together, we can ensure that every person, regardless of the language they speak, can learn about the climate crisis before it’s too late."

How to Recycle Your YTTP

When you’ve used up the last of your favorite Youth To The People product, we recommend looking for a way to repurpose the glass bottles and jars. But if you’re ready to put the packaging back into the recycling cycle, make sure you follow these directions to ensure everything gets where it needs to go.

Meet the Good To The People Funds

Please welcome to the YTTP family, our To The People, To The Planet, and To The Future Funds. Each fund is issue-focused, and each will make donations to philanthropic nonprofits working to address the challenges facing the human family and our one planet.

Good News: Nevada Protects Same-Sex Marriage, Kim Ng Makes MLB History, + More

This month in the world of Good News, Kim Ng made history as Major League Baseball’s first woman + East Asian American general manager, young voters in Georgia turned out in the highest numbers nationwide, and the American Medical Association recognized racism as a threat to public health and decided to mitigate it by adopting anti-racist policies.