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[PODCAST] How to Achieve Your Skin Goals

No matter your skin type, achieving your skin goals can be a delicate balance. Whether your skin is experiencing dehydration, dullness, or the changing atmosphere, it can be helpful to think of skincare regimens like recipes—with each ingredient chosen carefully to contribute to your desired skin goals.

[PODCAST] Advice For You[th]: Womxn Leaders

In this Advice for You[th], we’re joined by Alyia Gaskins—a candidate for city council in Alexandria, Virginia—who talks with Jade Walker from Gen Z Girl Gang about the road to running for leadership at the local level with the help of our friends at She Should Run.

[PODCAST] Decay + Regrowth

Have you ever thought about mushrooms? Like, really thought about them. In Youth To The People’s anti-racism, inclusion, and intersectional parity training, our instructor, Sarah Springer of Tissue LLC, spoke in so many words about the benefits of decay and how it’s an essential step to growth.

Two Words, a Poem by Sheila Lam

It has taken decades of learning and understanding to dismantle the feeling of otherness within an identity that uncoupled homeland and hometown. For many, this journey is familiar. These words are a pilgrimage.

Hannah Fernando Takes the Youth Questionnaire

Following a lifetime of professional dance, a passion for music, and a few years in the studio, 21-year-old artist Hannah Fernando debuts her first two singles on new imprint, The Earth School.

SenSee Responds to the Youth Questionnaire

Made without gluten, dairy, or refined sugars, SenSee cakes are baked with clean ingredients and local produce. Those living in Los Angeles can place an order via DM—for Valentine’s Day, Lunar New Year, birthdays, or just because. Here, Sensee's founder, Victoria Dinh, responds to YTTP’s Youth Questionnaire. 

Singer + Songwriter Sofía Valdés Takes the Youth Questionnaire

Born and bred in Panama, 20-year-old singer-songwriter Sofía Valdés has built a sonic vocabulary that counts British folk, bossa nova, ‘60s Motown, and ‘70s soul as influences. Her debut EP, Ventura, is vibrant, emotionally honest, and available below to listen now.

Pop Artist Julietta Takes the Youth Questionnaire

In her brand-new EP, Los Angeles-based pop artist Julietta levitates above it all. Using her music as a vehicle for honest, open self-expression, Julietta spends six tracks meditating on themes like optimism, freedom, independence, and creating your own narrative despite the expectations of others.

Meet The People: Juan Cazares on Self-Education + Creative Energy

Transparency is key to Juan Cazares—more likely known as his Instagram handle, @juanskindiary. Among his online community, he’s known for giving a clear look into how he makes his photographs look the way they do—it’s information not always readily shared, but that Cazares keeps in an Instagram highlight called BTS. He’s self-taught, and at the end of the day, he’s encouraging the same.

R&B Artist RIMON Takes the Youth Questionnaire

In her short film, "What They Called Me," RIMON is on a journey of self-discovery, moving through turbulent relationships and losing her identity as she molds herself to other people. Here, check out the film and read her answers to YTTP’s Youth Questionnaire.

Dream Beyond™ with Youth To The People

As Julie Dawkis alludes to in systems, her poem for Dream Beyond, the fifth issue of To The People zine, our collective healing happens first as a dream, a thought. But what happens next is what makes all the difference.