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Today’s episode of To The People is a special one. We’ll hear from Rhea Wolfram, a 101-year-old educator and friend of YTTP who counteracts stress by building community.

Meet The People: Hanna Hillier, Photographer

As a creative, Hanna Hillier is extraordinarily self-sufficient, producing beautiful work without the need for another human in the room. But when there are others in the room, her calm, positive energy ricochets from person to person.

Perspective, Community, and Renga

Renga is a Japanese form of collaborative poetry, and what better way to get multiple perspectives into one piece than with a collab? Our community worked together on this to make something special by leaving comments with their contributions on Instagram. We edited those lines together into one cohesive poem. 

What's Reflecting Back in the Media Mirror?

We asked our team: what piece of work, whether literature or TV/film got closest to mirroring who you are in terms of outward identity or inner emotion? Here are media recommendations to help you get to know part of the YTTP family a little bit better.