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R&B Artist RIMON Takes the Youth Questionnaire

By Manna Zel

For Eritrean-born R&B artist RIMON, visuals are every bit as important as music—and it’s made clear in her short film “What They Called Me,” the visual counterpart to her sophomore EP, I Shine, U Shine. In the short film, RIMON is on a journey of self-discovery, moving through turbulent relationships and losing her identity as she molds herself to other people. She calls it a masterclass in self-acceptance, and uses her name as a metaphor for accepting her life circumstances. 

“My name is Rimon. Back home in Eritrea, it was given by my father,” RIMON, who was raised in Amsterdam, says at the start of the film. “The concept of name is strange. It’s handed out at birth and you’re supposed to carry it with you for the rest of your life. Rimon was given to me but I never accepted it.” 

Below, check out RIMON’s short film, “What They Called Me,” and read on for her answers to YTTP’s Youth Questionnaire.

Question 5: What do you dream of?

An authentic life while making music and art for as long as I can, having multiple houses in the world and just traveling, setting my family straight for life, helping others where I can, giving back to my home countries, making an impact on the world with my group of friends.

Question 10: Describe your relationship with your ego. 

I know I have an ego, I think we all have and I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing as long as it doesn't take over my true essence which it sometimes does. Sometimes my ego leads to fear, overprotectiveness or holding back. I also think that living a life without an ego is a bit difficult knowing how society has been designed, and most of us are partaking in that whole system which causes that separation.

Question 15: What is your personal goal for this year, month, or day? 

My personal goal for the coming year is to find balance. Taking care of myself, eating healthy and sleeping enough but still maintaining an adventurous and spontaneous life filled with memorable long nights. Find balance in having my moments of solitude, but also interacting more with people around me. Also something I see as a goal is to fully find comfort in me and love myself more and my art and to not be afraid to express whatever is on my mind, for that makes an artist, expressing unapologetically.

Question 17: What colors your view of the world?

Sometimes [my view of the world is] grey, if I look at how destructive humanity can be and see how many conflicts/wars/inequality are going on to the point that I sometimes lose hope... But sometimes [my view of the world is] orange—if I feel one with people I love, while dancing and feeling free.

Photos courtesy of RIMON