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Q: What Are Essential Vitamins + What Do They Do for Your Skin?

By Laura Cline

Laura Cline is the Director of Education at Youth To The People where she heads up sales strategy + educational content, works closely with YTTP co-founders Joe Cloyes + Greg Gonzalez on formula development + innovation, and leads a team of more than 20 globally. After beginning her career 15 years ago at Clinique, she’s worked with beauty disruptor after beauty disruptor—finding her home at Youth To The People as our very first team member in 2017. 

Question: What are essential vitamins and what do they do for your skin?

Answer: Whether it’s through supplements, diet, or a skincare routine, it’s essential to fortify your skin barrier by regularly supplying your body with the vitamins it needs. To boost skin health, try adding a full spectrum of vitamins to your routine—my recommendations are vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K. You’ll find some of them, like vitamins B, C, E, and K, in Youth To The People’s PRO-GRADE VEGAN™ formulas. They’re naturally occurring within the plants we include in our formulas, or they’re added in depending upon products’ ingredient sources and product benefit. 

Together, these vitamins hydrate and protect skin—here’s a guide on how each essential vitamin builds your skin health. 


Different types of vitamin B carry different skin benefits but overall, vitamin B supports skin health, skin barrier function, hydration, and cell renewal. We like to use different types of vitamin B to support skin health in different ways, but we specifically add vitamin B5 to our Superfood Blend because it’s protective, has a serious moisture factor, and boosts overall skin health, function, and hydration.


Vitamin C is amazing at so many things, but we primarily love it as a powerhouse antioxidant that protects your skin cells against free radical damage. We use vitamin C in the Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask and the brand new Superberry Dream Eye Cream, but we also add different types of vitamin C to other product families, like the Superfood line. 


Vitamin E is added to a lot of skincare formulas because it’s an incredible healer and, like vitamin C, is such a good antioxidant. Vitamin E is in almost all of our formulas because it’s so nourishing for skin, while really improving your natural moisture factor. 


Vitamin K is naturally found in kale—anything that has kale has an abundance of vitamin K in it. It has incredible skin benefits whether you apply it topically or ingest it. Vitamin K really helps with circulation, and when taken internally, it helps with swelling and healing.

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