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Pride Is Feeling at Home with Yourself

By Caleb Boyles

When asked to create a piece about personal growth, I knew immediately I wanted to recreate a piece I made during college. It was about creating space in my life to have a sense of feeling at home, and with the original piece I included a little poem that read, "There is a space inside your head to fill and call your own. A place for friends, for love, for memories. I call this place my home." I made it for one of the first Pride months I experienced as an out queer person, to celebrate the people in my life at the time and the new feeling of belonging I had found with the queer community. Recreating this was a way for myself to reflect on how far I had come in my journey as a queer person, on all of the love I had received from friends new and old, and finding a new feeling of home in Southern California, and to thank all of the people I have met in the years following college. 

Pride is not only a celebration of life, it is also a space to feel at home with yourself and the ones closest to you.

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Written by Caleb Boyles for Youth To The People