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Our Casting Pledge

As we continue casting for our campaigns and ongoing photo/video shoots, and when engaging content creators, we first want to outline our commitment as a skincare and lifestyle brand for implementing real, systemic, anti-racist, and disruptive change within the beauty industry. We invite and hold accountable our partners in casting to make the same commitment when working with us in these endeavors.

Our mission is in our name: ​to bring youth to the people​. We believe youth is a mindset—it’s about staying curious and maintaining a spark for life. We believe that different is better, that being unconventional is an advantage. We strive to be comfortable with the uncomfortable and are dedicated to creating products that embrace individuality. We believe that this is our time, our opportunity to unite—one people, one planet. We are all Youth To The People.  All genders. All identities. All skin tones. All passions. All people.

Youth To The People pledges to push authentic inclusion, diversity, equity, and equal opportunity for underrepresented people within our model casting and all other aspects of our creative production workforce. We will not tolerate any discrimination against race, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religion, national origin, disability, genetic information, marital status, or amnesty.

Thank you to our friends at WeSpeak for bringing their pledge—which offered insight and inspiration for our pledge—to our attention. To best serve those who we partner, collaborate, and work with, our pledge is tailored to our industry: skincare.

We are Skincare for All®