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By Despina D., she/her

At the core, Youth To The People’s skincare philosophy stems from achieving one universal goal: Optimal skin health for everyone.

Keeping any and all skin types in mind, The Youth System™ 6-Piece Minis Kit is your go-to skin-improvement toolkit to obtain effective results in just 30 days. Packed with powerful superfood antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients, each formula is designed to bring forth happy and healthy skin. (And hey, you get to discover some of YTTP’s deeply celebrated products all at the same time!)

To kick off your skincare journey, let’s break down the kit together:

Superfood Cleanser

The Superfood Cleanser is your go-to face wash suitable for AM and PM use. Sulfate- and soap-free and pH-balancing to break down dirt, excess oils, and makeup, the Superfood Cleanser deeply cleanses without stripping the skin. To read more about this award-winning holy grail cleanser, click here.

Yerba Mate Resurfacing Energy Facial

Working overtime? That ends up taking a toll on your skin, too. The Energy Facial is your go-to treatment for brightening and resurfacing. Recommended for use twice a week, massage the Energy Facial onto cleansed and wet skin. Leave it on for two minutes, rinse clean, and follow with the rest of your routine.

15% Vitamin C + Caffeine Energy Serum

Good morning, your brightening BFF is here! The Energy Serum is the ultimate star in your morning routine with three powerful sources of vitamin C to help brighten, reduce puffiness, and protect against radical-free damage. 

Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream

YTTP’s Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream is filled with a proprietary Superfoods blend of kale, spinach, green tea, alfalfa, and vitamins C and E. Lightweight yet packing a punch, the cream also makes for a great primer before makeup.

Superberry Dream Oil

Dreamland doesn’t seem that unreachable when you’ve got the Dream Oil in your routine.To use, gently massage the Dream Oil onto the skin and allow YTTP’s custom Superberry blend of maqui, açai, prickly pear, goji berry, sunflower, jojoba, moringa, and squalane to deeply nourish and deliver hydrating benefits to the skin.

Tip: Add a few drops to your Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream for a boost of hydration and an added glow.

Dream Eye Cream

The fragrance-free Dream Eye Cream works overnight to smooth, nourish, and aid in the reduction of signs of aging and fatigue. With a velvet finish, the last step in your routine deserves all the care, so remember to gently tap the product in with your ring finger around the eye area in a circular pattern for gentle application and proper absorption.

The goals:

Deeply clean and clear pores

Brighten, firm, and visibly reduce hyperpigmentation

Deliver barrier-strengthening hydration

Propel and maintain optimal skin health

Ultimately, starting a new skincare regimen shouldn’t be complicated. Mindfulness, education, and the power of ritual are also part of YTTP’s skincare philosophy, which you’ll notice through the The Youth System™ kit. From customizable regimens to informative cards included in the kit, you’ll be all set to easily sail on your new routine.

Written by Despina D. for Youth To The People

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