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Meet The People: Sydney Schafer on Compassion for Ourselves, for the Earth, for Humankind

By Alyssa Shapiro

Youth To The People is skincare for all—but we’re more than that. Youth To The People is a platform to raise up all voices, and we cast our latest campaign with this notion in mind. Featured here is 24-year-old actress, model, event producer, and mother, Sydney Schafer, who believes in the power of love and understanding to solve the world’s problems.

What do you stand for?
I stand for compassion and empathy for humankind and the world itself.

Why do you feel it’s important to make your voice heard?
There are so many more people in this world who have access to freedom of speech who didn’t have that in previous generations. We need to take advantage of that but also be aware of what we are spreading, whether it’s an endorsement of a product or sharing the music you are listening to.

What social change organizations are you involved with?
My dance squad, the LA City Municipal Dance Squad, is a women’s empowerment dance team. We have been encouraging women to share their voices through dance and movement. I have always been passionate about dance and loved the idea of helping women feel better in their bodies, and stronger through their expressions.

Is there a moment in your memory when you changed your mind about something important in the world?
I do remember noticing a direct connection to my anxiety and depression with waste and animal cruelty. It takes time, preparedness, and dedication to totally eliminate waste—but we need to believe it’s possible and educate ourselves on ways to improve our everyday habits.

If you could get the world to change its collective mind about one issue, or adopt one way of being, what would it be and why?
Once there is more compassion for our Earth it will translate to kindness for greater humankind. Most of our problems as a humanity can be solved with love, understanding, and selflessness.