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Identity Pop Singer + Songwriter Josie Man Responds to the Youth Questionnaire

By Manna Zel

In Josie Man’s introspective new single and music video, “Grow,” the self-proclaimed princess of Identity Pop is taking a moment for self-love, support, and inner growth—and the need to adapt to the changes in your life. Both honest and emotive, Josie seeks to bridge cultures through music.

“When I was little and surrounded by both my Cantonse-speaking and South East London family, I invented my own language and my own universe of colors and symbols,” Josie says. “I learned that there is more than one way to be. Rules of being can be blurred.”

After dropping her debut EP, “aLOVINGboothang" in February 2020, Josie supported singer-songwriter Beabadoobee live, and her single “Just Me” was featured on BBC Introducing’s ‘Track Of The Week.’ Below, check out Josie’s latest video, “Grow,” and read on for her selects from the Youth Questionnaire, our collection of questions on topics like freedom, contentment, pride, ego, affirmation, dreams, and energy.

Question 1: How do you help others? 

I like to make sure people feel safe around me and to know I’m there to listen to them without judgment. I also like to make people laugh when they feel down; laughing is a healing tool!

Question 3: Where are you most free? 

I’m most free when I’m around my close ones that I love, where I feel safe to express myself and be silly, and when I’m dancing and singing to loud music alone. 

Question 10: Describe your relationship with your ego. 

I check in with my ego a lot and I’m very aware of when the ego is acting in survival mode. I often feel like I have conversations with my ego when I’m feeling anxious, and I talk to it with an inner parent. I’ve learned that my ego comes from a place of hurt, and comes when it feels it needs to survive. I’m not afraid or ashamed of my ego.  I love and accept all parts of myself now (mostly).

Question 12: To you, what is the most soothing sound?

Mine would be the sound of rain or healing frequencies at 417 Hz.

Question 13: What is your most useful affirmation? 

Mine is that “I am enough by just being, I am perfectly me.”

Photos courtesy of Cal McIntyre