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How YTTP Supports our LGBTQIA+ Family

By Quani Burnett, she/her, Marketing Manager, Inclusion + Community Strategist at YTTP

Every June we celebrate Pride Month, and we’re proud to share the efforts we make on behalf of the LGBTQIA+ community. It's also equally important to us to show the LGBTQIA+ members of our team that same commitment, because the efforts, inclusion, and advocacy around Pride are always on for us. We’d like to share our internal policies and initiatives that support the LGBTQIA+ folx on the team.

A Culture of Inclusion 

Both shared and lived experiences of the team contribute to a work culture and community that are truly inclusive of all. At YTTP we celebrate, welcome, and champion a diverse workforce that strives for representation in all areas including, but not limited to, gender, gender identity, those who are gender non-conforming, and sexual orientation at the intersection of race. 

Our People + Culture team is comprised of members who are representative and diverse within race and sexual orientation, which sets the environment and tone within which our LGBTQIA+ members can feel seen and supported. 


We offer and cover the costs of full coverage healthcare benefits that also include dental and vision which supports the needs of our team who are LGBTQIA+. Additionally, Youth To The People offers maternal/paternal leave that is equitable for all of our employees. Lastly, YTTP offers a child-care stipend that is available not only to dependent children, but also to adult dependents who are disabled. It is important to note that our childcare stipend does not discriminate against same sex couples. 

Mental Health 

Mental health and wellbeing continue to be top of mind for us. YTTP has most recently adopted Youth Fridays, or half day work days on Fridays to promote balance. YTTP also encourages mental health days with a flexible time-off policy. This allows for active time for mental wellbeing, physical health, creativity, rest, and play which in turn helps our team to stay competitive and at their best. 

Internal Policies + Initiatives

We have adopted policies to encourage use of pronouns in places such as Zoom names and email signatures. Normalizing the use of pronouns helps to decrease the stigma and discrimination around those who are trans, nonbinary, third gender, or gender non-conforming. 

Youth To The People has partnered with organizations such as Jopwell and Trans Can Work to diversify our hiring practices and to provide training centered on gender, identity, orientation and more. This helps the team to actively recognize and dismantle biases in order to support an inclusive work culture. 

Youth To The People commits to continuing the work that improves equity for our employees. We pledge authentic inclusion and equal opportunity that drives our values, and most importantly, the unity of community.